Philly Wreckin' Stuff

Walt Sicknin'

The toxicity envelopes the room. Invisible, still it hangs softly below the ceiling. The tobacco smoke engulfs his skull, as it casts its line downward and hooks the corner of his mouth. The fumes penetrate the walls but they also penetrate the psyche. The light burns bright. Mistakes are not his friend here and death prances gracefully amongst his work station. The reactions, no matter how well crafted and specifically formulated, sometimes exceed expectation and preparedness. When the master chemist formulates his recipe, it’s on like a muthafucka. The only question left then is...What’s cookin?

This video was filmed, directed, and edited by C. Venuto. The time period for completion was around two days.

  • ClientKicDrum Products, LLC / USA
  • Year2013
  • ToolsSony NXCAM, Final Cut Pro